Les Faux Bourgeois

Steak Frites

There are few things as satisfying as showing up at Les Faux Bourgeois without a reservation and finding an available seat at the bar or in the salon next door. The Fraser/Kingsway five corners is growing into quite a foodie locale and it’s close enough that we can wander down on Friday nights and kick off the weekend with some panache. The steak frites is our perennial go-to: we’re not big people and we often share one with an appy.

Canard Confit
Canard Confit

Eli is a fan of duck confit, and this salad has been his favorite for at least a few years now. The goat cheese is warm, and there are a few potato cubes – cooked in duck fat, of course – mixed in to give it a little extra depth.

We don’t always go for desert. If we do, it’s usually not much more than a madeleine and an espresso. But this has been a tough week, and the creme brulee was calling out to us.

Creme Brulee

The guys at Les Faux take their job seriously, but they clearly really enjoy what they do. The response when I brought out the camera and asked if I could get a shot while he’s conscientiously pouring in the espresso and getting the layers right? “Of course…I enjoy a challenge”.

It’s never too latte…

Link to their website.

If making boudin noir at home is your thing, you can find the Les Faux recipe for it in the East Van Foodie.

We’ve done New Year’s Eve at Les Faux, and it was very memorable. Here’s a link to this year’s offerings.