Pizza Carano is by far our favourite pizzeria in Vancouver. They specialize in Neapolitan-style pizza. Their pizza is as good, if not better than some of the best pizzerias in Naples. We were just in Italy for a month and we made it our mission to eat pizza almost every day. We had some fantastic pizza!  Pizza Carano has really mastered the perfect Neapolitan crust. It’s soft and crispy all at the same time.

Carano uses really fresh high quality toppings. They have some very innovative pizzas on their menu. The last time we were there, we went with their traditional marinara pizza – tomato sauce, roasted garlic, capers, chili flakes and oregano. It was delicious! I saved some of my crust so that I could enjoy it with their charcuterie plate.

The charcuterie plate isn’t officially on their menu but you can ask for it and they will happily put one together for you. Let me walk you through this plate of goodness – there’s marinated smoked olives, garden fresh tomato salad, an assortment of cured meats, grain mustard, a variety of cheese including the most amazing buffalo mozzarella. They have other yummy appetizers on the menu, but this plate is our favourite right now.

Carano also has amazing salads on the menu. We enjoyed this fabulous roasted carrot salad with buffalo mozzarella and pistachios. The carrots were roasted perfectly. They were so sweet and they paired so well with the lemon herb vinaigrette and fresh mozzarella.

The carrots are locally grown. You can tell when a restaurant uses fresh quality ingredients. The freshness really comes through in the flavour. I will be ordering this salad again while it’s still on the summer menu.

To complement this amazing feast, I opted for an Aperol Spritz and Eli had a Negroni. These two aperitivos are probably the most popular summertime drinks in Italy. They are so refreshing on hot summer days.

I should mention that this is not a sponsored post. We just really like the food at Carano and Trevor, the chef and owner.

If you haven’t been to Pizza Carano, you need to check them out. The food is ridiculously good and you always get service with a smile.