We love Locus. We’ve been enjoying their breakfast and happy hour for years. If you have never been before, you must go soon. The food is amazing!

Locus on Main
Locus is located on Main Street between 25th and 26th avenue in Vancouver. The breakfast at Locus is so good. We usually order an Americano to start. They use JJ Bean coffee. We’re fans. Our favorite JJ Bean coffee is the East Side Espresso.

 Every meal at Locus starts with a variety of fresh baked bread that Cobs bakes just for them. My favourite is the potato bread. Omg, it’s so good! I like dipping it in my egg yolks.

Speaking of egg yolks, the eggs at Locus are delicious. They are free-range local farm fresh eggs with bright orange yolks with lots of flavor.

One of the things I like about Locus is that they support local businesses like Cobs and Windsor Meats right across the street. 

One of our favourite breakfasts at Locus are the Main Street eggs, eggs and beans with asiago cheese. I usually order it with ham, but the sausage is really good too.

Main Street Eggs
I wish I had some pics of some of the happy hour menu items. We’ll have to go back soon and take some. Every appetizer is half price from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Everything on the happy hour menu is really tasty. I especially like the scallops and the crab cakes. They also offer drink specials for around $5.

Fred at work.
The decor at Locus is very unique and suggests that the Locus is the centre of life in another world. That thought came to us while sipping  Negronis. We’re going with it. 

Fred, behind the bar, is the longtime manager. He’s super friendly and always has a smile for us. That’s what community is all about.

Fun, eclectic decor