Christmas Cookie Wreath

Styled and photographed by Rosa Westinghouse

A Christmas cookie wreath would make a welcome addition to any dessert table this holiday season. It’s so festive and fun. This wreath is made up of honey cookies, linzer cookies, matcha tea sugar cookies and chocolate meringue cookies. They’re all absolutely delicious and look fantastic together.

Styled and photographed by Pina Bresciani

A few of my favorite food blogger friends, Josh Boettcher, Pina Bresciani and Clarissa Nuttall and I wanted to share some holiday baking inspiration with you. Everybody looks forward to holiday baking, so we thought it would be fun to share some cookie recipes and to show you some creative ways to style them.

Styled and photographed by Clarissa Nuttall

Clarissa, Josh, Pina and I have collaborated on three baking projects so far. It’s so much fun to get together and share our passion for food and photography. Our first collaboration was a Valentine’s Cookie Box. Later that year we decided to create a Christmas cookie box, and now just in time for the holidays, we put together some beautiful Christmas cookie wreaths. All of the cookie box recipes are linked above.

Valentine’s Cookie Box by Josh Boettcher

I look forward to this collaboration every year. Everybody brings over their cookies, cameras and favourite styling props. It’s super cool watching everybody’s creative process. Each person brings their unique touch and talent to the collaboration.

Styled and photographed by Josh Boettcher

The final products are all absolutely stunning. I always learn something new about styling and photography every time we get together.

So you’re probably wondering who made which cookies. Josh made the chocolate meringue cookies. Clarissa made the matcha tea sugar cookies. Pina made the linzer cookies and I made the honey cookies, (the snowflakes). They are all super yummy.

Styled by Pina and photographed by Rosa

This isn’t the kind of wreath that’s meant to be hung on a wall. We thought about getting out the glue stick, but it would be shame not to be able to eat all of these yummy cookies. You can stack the cookies 2 to 3 high. The layered look is not only beautiful, but it also provides lots of cookies for your friends and family to enjoy. Here’s the link to the honey cookies recipe.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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