Valentine’s Cookie Box

Not that long ago a food blogger friend of mine Josh Boettcher and I were chatting about food, cameras and food styling – very popular conversation topics amongst food bloggers. We got onto the topic of cookie boxes and how we would both like to style one for Christmas. It occurred to us that we didn’t have to wait until next Christmas. We could style one for Valentine’s Day, so I suggested that we style one together, along with two other talented food bloggers, Pina Bresciani and Clarissa Nuttall. Everybody was into it and that’s how this cookie adventure began.

We each made different cookies and then got together to style the cookie box. You can probably imagine what it was like having four food bloggers working on a food project together – pretty awesome!! It was such a creative and fun experience.

My favourite part of the collaboration was the cookie box assembly day. Everybody brought over their cookies, cameras and favourite styling props. It was super cool watching each person’s creative process. I can honestly say that the final product is as beautiful as it is because each person brought their unique touch and talent to the collaboration.

My husband also got in on the action. He took behind the scene photos, helped with lighting and even modelled in Pina’s cookie photoshoot. Her peekaboo cookie hearts are so beautiful! Thanks for all your help, Eli.

We each had the opportunity to style the exterior of the cookie box separately, so we all have a slightly different version of the cookie box on our Instagram feeds (you can get to each Instagram account by clicking on the names above in green). Pina and Clarissa’s photos are absolutely stunning! Josh chose to post a video on his feed rather than a photo. It’s so cute and it totally sums up our collaborative effort. You have to check it out!

So you’re probably wondering who made which cookies. I’ll start by sharing my cookies and the recipes and then I’ll guide you to the other recipes a little later.

First, the cookies with the least calories – the shortbread mini bites. They are divine little morsels of shortbread. They’re so cute! I love giving them away as gifts during the holidays.

Next the coveted macarons… I have a not-so-funny story to share about these finicky French cookies. I have made them dozens of times perfectly, but the day I set out to make them for the photoshoot, they did not turn out great. They didn’t have the nice smooth shiny shell finish they usually have. They tasted good, but they weren’t photo-worthy. Apparently macarons shouldn’t be made on rainy days in Vancouver because they don’t prefer humid weather. Fortunately, I still had a few left from a test batch the day before and it all worked out fine. I later learned that you can draw out some of the moisture in the macarons if you put them under the hood fan. Who knew? It might take you a couple of tries to get them right, but they’re worth the effort. They’re so pretty. I love making them for special occasions. They really dress up a dessert table.

The powdered white cookies are called polvorones and they are currently my favourite cookie. Polverones come from the Spanish word, polvo – dust, or powder. I had them for the first time in Mexico this past Christmas and they are crazy good! The main ingredients are walnuts, butter and sugar. Who wouldn’t like that?

The jam filled cookies are a variation of the polvorones. I just added jam and held back the icing sugar. I love nuts and jam together. The salty and sweet goes so well together.

Thanks for being part of our cookie box journey. We had so much fun making the cookies, styling the cookie box, sharing the cookies with friends and family and finally being able to share the recipes with you. You can find the other cookie recipe links below in green. They are all delicious! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you live in BC, Canada.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love,

Rosa 🙂

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