Christmas Cookie Box

‘Tis the season to eat cookies! I love the holiday season and I love eating and sharing cookies. Cookies are by far my favourite dessert. I had so much fun collaborating with Clarissa, Josh and Pina on this cookie box. 

Cookie boxes are so much fun because there’s bound to be at least one cookie that you’re going to like. If you’re like me, you might want to try a few just be sure you didn’t miss out on anything. 

If you’re looking for some great holiday cookie recipes, we have tested and tweaked a bunch of yummy recipes. I will link them here for you.

The first cookie I want to introduce you to is my lemon ricotta cookie. This cookie is delicate, moist and pillowy soft. It’s not too sweet, but the glaze on top makes up the difference. You have to have this cookie in your cookie box because it’s so different from all the others. It’s cake-like in texture and ridiculously delicious. 

Next we have the festive gingerbread cookie. You really shouldn’t go through the holiday season without having at least one gingerbread cookie. They are a holiday classic. It took a lot of work getting this recipe just right. I wanted to develop a recipe that was milder in flavour than the typical gingerbread cookie. There’s not a lot of molasses in this recipe and I added a touch of maple syrup for a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. I think you’re going to love these cookies even if you’re not a gingerbread fan. I developed a vegan recipe variation as well.

Finally, my last contribution to the cookie box is this decadent chocolate cookie for all the chocolate lovers out there. The rich chocolate flavour is really prominent. I just used unsweetened cocoa in this recipe, but it tastes like it was made with some fancy Swiss chocolate. It’s a little crispy on the outside because it’s rolled in sugar, and tender on the inside. This cookie would be so perfect with a glass of milk. It’s pretty amazing.

There’s something magical about a cookie box. The whole is far better than any of the individual parts. You can see how everybody’s personalities and styles were represented here so beautifully.

Pina made the linzer cookies and the struffoli. I can’t decide which I like more – both are so good! Clarisa made the shortbread and the thumbprint cookies. Shortbread goes so well with jam of any kind. I love the salty with the sweet. Josh made the deconstructed Santa and the chocolate chip eggnog shot glasses at the back of the box. Josh has a great sense of humour and it really comes through in his baking.

After the photo shoot, we celebrated with a little eggnog cookie shot. It was a super fun experience and I’m already looking forward to next year’s cookie box collaboration. A big thank you to Clarissa, Josh and Pina for their  inspiration and friendship. I love how the holidays bring friends and family together in celebration. For more cookie inspiration, check out last year’s Valentine’s Cookie box  collaboration.

I hope you enjoy our recipes. I’m sending loads of love and good wishes your way this holiday season. 

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